Flowers, Photoshoots, and Anthropologie

The past month has been incredible! Wedding land is lovely this season. Thank you, thank you, thank you to some of the best clients who have been a special part of my day, just as I am a special part of their wedding day. 

I've also participated in a few styled photoshoots in the past month, which has really kept the creativity flowing, and that's worth more than any money can buy. It's a ton of work, but worth it, in my opinion! Which brings me to my next topic:

Why Styled Shoots? Let's face it, styled shoots are fun. It's essentially a bunch of creative professionals who get together to throw a fake wedding or dinner party of their dreams. So much go into these things, though! From the planning, to the renting, to the delivery, to the pick up, to the flowers, and so on. 

The Pros: Styled shoots can be amazing exposure. It's wonderful to see how many local vendors are willing to rent out some beautiful pieces, like the Anthropologie china, flatware, and glassware you see in this shoot, the Ikospace structure featured in the ceremony location, as well as the Glassybaby votive holders.  The generosity of these vendors can make our vision come to life. 

Additionally, styled shoots give a florist a moment to create something interesting, something that perhaps clients never ask for. I spend a ton of time at the flower market, most of those hours are before anyone dares to wake up, and I am so blessed to start my day off by feasting my eyes on the best stuff that Mother Nature grows. There are times that certain varieties, textures, or colors catch my eye, and it just makes you wish you had something to buy the bunch for! This is where styled shoots come in, and allow us florists to dream a little. To play with colors, textures, and varieties that you don't normally get to play with, to dream big and start trends, rather than follow them. 

The Cons: Most of my cons turn into pros, as I personally feel there is not enough time in the day to be negative! But a few of them are noteworthy, if you are considering a styled shoot and aren't quite sure where to begin. 

Publishing isn't necessarily assured. While we all dream to be published in our favorite magazine or wedding blog, it's not confirmed that you'll get in to the specific editorial or blog after all of the hard work. The pro to this con is that: A) You'll (hopefully!) get some stunning photographs back to use in your portfolio. And B) You get to meet a group of other talented individuals who can better understand your design, and the direction you're going in.

Werk Werk Werk. Styled shoots, especially for florists, are a ton of time. Like I mentioned before, the flower market is an early morning endeavor, and working with live product means getting your product same-day, or the day before, while there are exceptions to this--i.e. a perfectly open peony can, occasionally, take 5 days to achieve. Depending on the size of the shoot, you can count on marketing around 5 in the morning, processing flowers around 8, designing until around noon, scarfing down a KIND bar and your fourth cup of coffee, and showing up on set around 2 to make the magic happen until the sun sets. The pro to this con is that I thankfully love the hustle, and starting my day off at the flower market is just about my favorite thing ever. ---

I'll end on this note! On very special occasions, and especially when you work with a talented team like Glow Event Design, Michelle Walker Photography, Anthropologie, BHLDN, Glassybaby, JBeautique, Blueprint Studios, Sea & Asters, and Letters to You, perfect harmony happens and 100 Layer Cake will pick your shoot up and feature it. Thanks to everyone who put in all of the hours to make it possible! Check out the full spread here.