Portrait Party, April

On a sunny afternoon in April, photographer Anna Wu put together a beautiful event for a small group of industry folks to have some photos taken. I know I had personally needed new headshots since my last ones were taken by my roommate, in our tiny loft apartment many many years ago, so I was excited not only to have a few snaps taken, but to spend some time with small business owners and just relax for a moment! Anna explains a bit about her inspiration behind the party: 

The idea is very simple: I gather a small group of people, we throw ourselves a little party, and I take portraits of everyone. I come across so many people who say they could really use an updated headshot, but instead of just having a huge group of photographers and other people show up to get and take photos, I wanted to keep it very small. We each contribute what we can to the party and get the benefits of networking without the pressures of being in a huge group of strangers.

We all brought something to the table to make this event come alive: Anna of Anna Wu PhotographyBrianne of Brown Fox Calligraphy, Praise of ComePlum (photo & design), Rachael of Ruby and Rose (event planning & design), and Farrah of Spirit Makeup. I brought some flowers and decor, of course! 

Photos by Praise Santos of Come Plum

And of course, the final portraits below! 

From top to bottom: Anna of Anna Wu Photography, Amanda of Amanda Vidmar Design, Farrah of Spirit Makeup, Praise of Come Plum, Rachael of Ruby & Rose, and Brianne of Brown Fox Calligraphy.

Thanks to Anna Wu for dreaming up such a beautiful event and allowing us sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of so many lovely, talented people!