Slow Flowers / Dahlia Garden

My #1 goal in floral design is to never, ever forget that flowers take time. There is thought in every single aspect of the process. What seeds to plant, where to plant the seed, when to cut, when (and where!) to buy, where to place it in the arrangement. The latter is what I'm most involved in these days, though my heart is forever attached to the growing process.

This is why I love visiting the Dahlia garden in Golden Gate park every year. There are so many varieties that someone has nurtured, loved, and presented for us to enjoy. With fourteen (YES, FOURTEEN!) groups of flower types, many with subgroups on subgroups on subgroups, I'm always discovering new varieties to love. 

Always, always take time to admire the things in life that take time. It is a reminder that the most beautiful things in life don't blossom overnight, and that it's the little things that make life worth living. This is why flowers are important, and why this industry continues to flourish (pun absolutely intended).

Photos by Amanda Vidmar