A few weeks ago, I showcased a live installation of floral design at The Cream Event in San Francisco. I had so many leftover flowers after it that I knew needed a second life. 

I recently made friends with such a kind-hearted, beautiful, so so so talented photographer that just moved to San Francisco from Utah named Michelle White, and her and I decided to throw something together. 

My studio is kitty corner from a really fantastic vintage rental company called One True Love vintage, so we pulled some of our favorite items from the inventory to play around. I've been super inspired by Renoir these days, so I feel like the French-inspired charm is something I've been after for a while, and why I think these pieces spoke to us so much.

Alas, we put this all together and realized the scene needed a model. Thankfully my assistant that day, Sophia--who is absolutely stunningly beautiful--volunteered. I realize that I should probably attach a model-release form to all of my w-9s because I feel like this happens often.

Anyway, between Sophia's modeling, Michelle's photography, One True Love's rentals, I ended up really excited to receive the film scans back, and it left me feeling that all of the best photoshoots tend to be impromptu. Yes, it's good to have all of the elements lined up, and thankfully we had some really amazing resources near us, but letting the scenes happen naturally is so much better of a way to do it, than to force it all.