San Francisco, Spring.

Sometimes my market days are incredibly long and drawn out, where I'm walking from vendor to vendor and can't really seem to instantly fall in love with a color or texture palette. 

...This was not one of those days. 

I think I was in and out of the market within an hour, with armloads of flowers to make two bouquets for a collaboration with a bunch of very, very talented ladies who have become dear friends. Local lilac was just budding, and fritillaria in three different varieties had arrived at the market for the first day of the season. Poppies, anemones, ranunculus. Those are a given in many of my designs, but not to be taken for granted. 

As this new year of business ownership begins, I have realized two things. The first being: Surround yourself with other business owners and you'll learn how beautiful this community is. The second is: Constantly stay inspired. For me, it's surrounding myself with flowers just for me on occasion. Or, digging my hands into the ground in my garden and seeing what kinds of amazing varieties I can cut and present to my clients. 

The beautiful film photography is by Carrie King Photographer, Hair & Makeup by Angelina Loren Beauty, the stunning model is Elise Kruse, and all of the amazing gowns, skirts and tops are by Jaclyn Jordan.