Workaholic's Guide to 2017

I think most of us can agree that 2016 was just a face-palm on repeat. I haven't spent too much time looking back, but am eager to look forward. I've decided to go public with my personal resolutions, since there's nothing like saying it out loud (and on the internet) to give you that extra fire under your bum. Also, that I have a concrete list to come back to as the year goes on.

That said, this list is less of a guide and more of a list of resolutions I hope to achieve in 2017, but this is coming from a workaholic nonetheless.

1. Plan personal vacations, not just for work. 

2. Slow down overall. A friend of mine tells me I have two speeds only--pedal to the metal and then unabashedly lazy--so I'm looking to even that out and just run at a regular speed most of the year.

3. Define myself and style as a designer and apply it to all that I do.

4. Be a better gift giver. 

5. Cook more things that take time. Bake bread.

6. Share said slow-cooked meals with the people I love.

7. Delve deeper into color theory and apply it to my design.

8. Study the Dutch Golden Age, and apply the concepts to my work.

9. Get better about committing to finished projects, rather than starting new ones.

10. Waste less. Waste less food, less flowers, less time. I loved that when I was in Seattle, the compost and recycling bins were the only bins that were large. The actual waste bin was tiny! We can literally compost or recycle nearly all of our waste, if we put the time in. That said, eating less food with plastic packaging, more whole foods, more vegetables can drastically decrease the amount of waste we bring home.

11. Live with less, but with more meaning.

12. Become more comfortable about sharing my life.

13. Define the purpose of each design.

14. Launch a new portion of my business I've been thinking about for a while.

15. Catch at least one sunset per week.

16. Learn more about growing certain varieties of flowers.

17. Break my year-long hiatus of dance classes. It's time.

18. Incorporate dance and flowers, somehow.

19. Get weird, get funky. Take a few more design risks to better explain the innate weirdness I encompass and share pretty infrequently.