January Inspirations

Ah, January. The off-season, and how interesting it is to watch myself re-learn how to relax. I find that relaxing, for me, also includes gathering inspiration before I go off and make my next move. It's no lie that fashion and flowers correlate on several levels, so I find myself browsing through clothing often, and note how the textures and colors play off of each other. 

I am loving terracotta, peach, and honey tones this season. While it feels like I'm in the thick of Winter while I'm bundled at home (ex: a very old apartment building with no central heating), the flower market shows the very first emergence of spring. Flowering branches, quince especially, come in as the tiniest buds and bloom into the softest coral color after weeks and weeks of watching it slowly develop. I bought my first bunch of daffodils today and remembered how much I adore them. Lilac makes me giddy just thinking about it, and since we had such a terribly short local season last year I'm reminded that, yes, good things take time. Sometimes they take all year long.

The roses will be back before we know it, so I'm taking this time to hibernate, if only for a week or so. I'm indulging in the simple things that take time; bread baking, slow cooking, books, and of course, reflecting, and gaining inspiration to go full force very soon.