February Inspirations - Darkness into Light

I occasionally question why people don't get married in late Winter. The blooming branches are enough to sell me on absolutely anything.

This month's inspiration is brought to you by Love and Blooming Branches, and the notion of darkness moving into light. 

There is something incredibly enticing about darkness, the way that simple beauty can shine so much brighter within it. Especially in late Winter, when the blooming buds on the trees start showing color for the first time. 

I've always been inspired by the Dutch Golden Age, and the way that the subjects in each still life were painted in such a way that featured each bloom. The details in each painting still blow my mind--the way a lemon is peeled effortlessly, the way each butterfly is hidden amongst flowers. The fascination of the natural world was especially heightened in the 17th century, and it's something that I truly draw inspiration from and try to apply in my designs. 

I've kept a few projects to myself this season, to really try my best to gain inspiration and create just for me, without feeling like I need to share every ounce of it. Maybe I will one day, but I think it's important to understand what drives us to keep creating, and continue to do so.