Karin & Gavin

Back in early September of last year, San Francisco had the hottest weekend on record. Our production days were 105 degrees, our flowers were holding on for dear life (and we felt their pain). I kept us going on elderflower lemonade and the team kept flowering with smiles on their faces--not sure what I'd do without them! 

I woke up early the Saturday of the wedding, which isn't uncommon, but it was already 80 degrees at 5:30 in the morning so I knew I needed to rush to the studio and give everything a good spritz before we loaded up.  Thankfully, the wedding was in the city--and the coolest part of the city at that--so I felt thankful that we weren't battling the wine country heat seeing as we had chosen dahlias and garden roses for this wedding. The prettiest of them all, alas, the most temperamental.  

At a certain point you just have to take a breath and let the flowers do their thing. Thankfully, they held on, with a sigh of giant relief after the set up. 

Karen & Gavin were married at St. Dominic's Church and the reception was held at the General's Residence at Fort Mason. Planning was by Downey Street Events, with photos by Ken Kienow.