Floral Design Workshop for the San Francisco SPCA

On February 13, 2016, I adopted a four and a half year old German Shepherd mix, Jacob, who changed my life, in the best way possible. Low-level summary: Dog snuggles are the absolute best, and getting outside has been really lovely. High-level summary: My anxiety has almost been non-existent since having Jacob around.  Our dog also helped us through a recent burglary that happened in our San Francisco apartment while we were home. While he's one of the most loving dogs, he's got a big, scary bark (not to mention he's a large-breed dog) and thankfully we were all left unharmed.

So, it came naturally that on his two year anniversary of adoption, I wanted to thank the SPCA for pairing us up with the perfect animal for us, and to allow them to continue to find pets their perfect homes. 

So, on February 13, 2018, I hosted a group of 10 fantastic women at the studio and we learned how to make a centerpiece! The guests paid a fee to cover materials, and then the additional proceeds went directly to the SF SPCA.

Thank you to Michelle White Photography for capturing our workshop so beautifully, and to all of the attendees for making this happen!