Floral Design Workshop for the San Francisco SPCA

On February 13, 2016, I adopted a four and a half year old German Shepherd mix, Jacob, who changed my life, in the best way possible. Low-level summary: Dog snuggles are the absolute best, and getting outside has been really lovely. High-level summary: My anxiety has almost been non-existent since having Jacob around.  Our dog also helped us through a recent burglary that happened in our San Francisco apartment while we were home. While he's one of the most loving dogs, he's got a big, scary bark (not to mention he's a large-breed dog) and thankfully we were all left unharmed.

So, it came naturally that on his two year anniversary of adoption, I wanted to thank the SPCA for pairing us up with the perfect animal for us, and to allow them to continue to find pets their perfect homes. 

So, on February 13, 2018, I hosted a group of 10 fantastic women at the studio and we learned how to make a centerpiece! The guests paid a fee to cover materials, and then the additional proceeds went directly to the SF SPCA.

Thank you to Michelle White Photography for capturing our workshop so beautifully, and to all of the attendees for making this happen! 

Karin & Gavin

Back in early September of last year, San Francisco had the hottest weekend on record. Our production days were 105 degrees, our flowers were holding on for dear life (and we felt their pain). I kept us going on elderflower lemonade and the team kept flowering with smiles on their faces--not sure what I'd do without them! 

I woke up early the Saturday of the wedding, which isn't uncommon, but it was already 80 degrees at 5:30 in the morning so I knew I needed to rush to the studio and give everything a good spritz before we loaded up.  Thankfully, the wedding was in the city--and the coolest part of the city at that--so I felt thankful that we weren't battling the wine country heat seeing as we had chosen dahlias and garden roses for this wedding. The prettiest of them all, alas, the most temperamental.  

At a certain point you just have to take a breath and let the flowers do their thing. Thankfully, they held on, with a sigh of giant relief after the set up. 

Karen & Gavin were married at St. Dominic's Church and the reception was held at the General's Residence at Fort Mason. Planning was by Downey Street Events, with photos by Ken Kienow.

Andalou Naturals

When the soul of a company is in the right place, there's a compassionate, selfless, trusting air that resonates through every aspect of the company: especially it's people and how they interact. I've been a consumer of Andalou Naturals' products for years and their message resonates with me, but it wasn't until we were asked to do the flowers for their Holiday party at Ram's Gate Winery in Sonoma that we really fell in love with the company in it's entirety.

A friend of mine said something to me recently that I've held on to this year: "Kindness is free." And it's that small freedom that can really make a difference. There are occasions where you'll come in to a fancy venue carrying armload's of flowers and the air in the room feels cold and uninviting, and there are other occasions where you walk in being considered an artist, providing wondrous, miraculous little things. The latter is thankfully how to describe my day a few weeks ago.

On a separate (but similar) note, it's been a wild year around here. But, a really amazing one. I'm learning that I need to just take a step back for a second with these moments. When you're driven, it's always 'what's next' as opposed to a momentary pause for celebration. A double edged sword of sorts. I'm attempting to change this pattern of thinking, and to just be present, especially during the Holidays. I've got a whole list to be thankful for. Healthy folks who are endlessly caring and offer the craziest amount of knowledge, a sister who is fearless and carefree, an impeccably handsome partner who also chooses me every day. Good friends, ones that I can fully belly-laugh with. A rescue pooch who, regardless of how crappy my day was, thinks that I am the best thing that ever walked in the house. A big, natural-light filled studio space that we get to make a mess in. And flowers. Always. 

Merry, merry to you and yours, and may 2018 be one of the brightest yet. 


Photos: Tanya & Victor | Planning: Katie Rebecca Events


A few weeks ago, I showcased a live installation of floral design at The Cream Event in San Francisco. I had so many leftover flowers after it that I knew needed a second life. 

I recently made friends with such a kind-hearted, beautiful, so so so talented photographer that just moved to San Francisco from Utah named Michelle White, and her and I decided to throw something together. 

My studio is kitty corner from a really fantastic vintage rental company called One True Love vintage, so we pulled some of our favorite items from the inventory to play around. I've been super inspired by Renoir these days, so I feel like the French-inspired charm is something I've been after for a while, and why I think these pieces spoke to us so much.

Alas, we put this all together and realized the scene needed a model. Thankfully my assistant that day, Sophia--who is absolutely stunningly beautiful--volunteered. I realize that I should probably attach a model-release form to all of my w-9s because I feel like this happens often.

Anyway, between Sophia's modeling, Michelle's photography, One True Love's rentals, I ended up really excited to receive the film scans back, and it left me feeling that all of the best photoshoots tend to be impromptu. Yes, it's good to have all of the elements lined up, and thankfully we had some really amazing resources near us, but letting the scenes happen naturally is so much better of a way to do it, than to force it all. 

Spring Centerpiece Tutorial

Truthfully, I could talk about flowers for hours. And hours. Which is why when Rue Magazine approached me about a tutorial, I jumped on the opportunity to share my process in making a Spring centerpiece. 


I typically choose a vase with a wide mouth to be able to fill it with more product. I start with a little ball of chicken wire to be able to hold the stems in place, and secure the chicken wire with a couple pieces of thin floral tape. I like to start with the most shapely branch or green, so that I can start see the shape of the arrangement come to life. I used spirea in this arrangement as my first ingredient, since this specific variety has a lot of shape and texture.

Next, I filled in the arrangement with lilac. Lilac is my absolute favorite bloom, so I wanted to make the arrangement feel lush and full of it. Lilac (and most branches or flowers with woody stems) should be cut at an angle and their stems should be split with your clippers so that it optimizes their lifespan by allowing it to drink more water. I then added a stem of Tulip Magnolia, mostly for scent, but also because it’s another flower that I absolutely adore, which has a really short season as well!

Then I added hellebores throughout the arrangement. I clustered them in a few areas throughout the arrangement, and made sure that any of the stems that had a beautiful shape were given a chance to have their moment by placing the stem closer to the base of the arrangement. I wanted the arrangement to feel even more springy, so I added some of these beautiful white tulips! I typically arrange my tulips in clusters of 2 or 3 and assure that they are all on a different plane to give the arrangement a garden-like feel. I used the same concept of clustering with the white muscari as well.

Fritillaria was next on the list! The greens on the Fritillaria give a lot of shape, so I allowed them to have a moment by leaving their stems long, and floating them above the blooms already placed in the arrangement. I added ranunculus next, which are a perfect spring addition to any arrangement. Again, I clustered them in various parts of the arrangement, all on different planes. I also made sure that all sides of the arrangement were detailed, since the arrangement will be seen on all sides!

The final touches were to add a couple of big, beautiful Icelandic poppies. I placed the poppies in the arrangement anywhere that looked like it needed an extra pop. Lastly, I placed a couple stems of figs to add interest and color!

See the full spread on Rue Magazine here.

Photography by Cassie Xie

Studio Tour with Photoflood, and Staying Zen

Back in December, I moved in to a glorious space that I now call home to Amanda Vidmar Design. The space is a former auto body shop, it's old and quirky, but I absolutely love it for all of its eccentricities. A huge bonus is that there are giant windows that flood in heavenly natural light, and if you're lucky enough to be there during the early afternoon, the sun hits the work spot and you are left with a warm blanket and a suntan after a few arrangements. We are now located in Daly City, which I was told was just foggy and unpleasant all of the time, but I have yet to experience this. All I know thus far is free parking and lots of it, sunshine, and some happy flowers (and a happy florist, too.)

My friend Courtney of Photoflood Studio came by to enjoy the afternoon with me. We talked about weddings (she's planning her own!), businesses, inspirations, and designer shoes, which, it appears that both of us value a good pair of shoes over anything else. I was gracious that she was able to capture a few snaps of the new studio for me, I'm finding that more than ever, these big steps we take in our businesses and in our life require good documentation. 

Speaking of big steps. These past few months, I have learned the power of community, and how it can bring you so much higher than you ever thought. I am learning that owning a business is not always easy, there are moments where your thoughts will get the best of you and that's a downward spiral you shouldn't go down alone. I've been meeting with an awesome group of women entrepreneurs once a month and it's truly been fueling me to keep it positive, keep it moving, and out of my own head.

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.
— Marcus Aurelius

I've been truly trying to take to heart the thoughts that pass through my head, exhaling any negative thoughts or insecurities, and filling my mind with inspiration and fuel for the next projects. Flowers require a whole load of energy and perseverance (usually in the form of caffeine) and not only is it a completely physical process, it's the thoughts that go through your head that will keep you going in the right direction. So, here's to turning a new leaf, to commit to positive thinking. It's important to acknowledge the negative thoughts, of course, but not to dwell on them for too long.

Indivisible: The Wedding Give-Back Project Benefitting the ACLU

We invite you to be married, celebrate your union, and support civil and equal rights in the process. This is a completely not for profit offering. Read on for details!

Hannah Suh Photography

Hannah Suh Photography

As individuals, creatives and business owners in the wedding industry, we believe in celebrating love in ALL its many forms. We know that everyone has their own unique love story that speaks to their personal journey and there are many who may have had to face adversity along the way. Love is the common thread that binds us all together. Love sees beyond our differences.

We have been inspired to help tell those diverse and perhaps less represented love stories. We want to share and celebrate YOUR unique story and also give back in the process. We’ve teamed up with an amazing group of top wedding industry professionals to offer a luxury Elopement Wedding Experience valued at over $15,000 at an exclusive discounted rate of $6,000, with  100% of the proceeds  to be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Enter by submitting your unique and diverse love story to info@kaellalynnevents.com with the subject line, “Indivisible Elopement Submission”


Lynette Boyle Photography | Showcase collaboration of Kaella Lynn Events, Amanda Vidmar Design, La Tavola Linen, Frances Lane

Lynette Boyle Photography | Showcase collaboration of Kaella Lynn Events, Amanda Vidmar Design, La Tavola Linen, Frances Lane

The luxury elopement package will include:


City Hall wedding captured by Hannah Suh Photography

City Hall wedding captured by Hannah Suh Photography

Rules and Guidelines: Wedding must take place on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday before May 2017. Payment is due by the day of your event. The event is limited to 10 total guests. The City Hall ceremony must take place in the morning with the reception immediately following. The couple’s story will be used as inspiration for the design. Kaella Lynn Events has control over design direction for all decor details, including table design, cake, paper goods and flowers for the event. The vendors listed must be used for the event. Package includes two meetings. One initial planning meeting and one final meeting closer to event date.


February Inspirations - Darkness into Light

I occasionally question why people don't get married in late Winter. The blooming branches are enough to sell me on absolutely anything.

This month's inspiration is brought to you by Love and Blooming Branches, and the notion of darkness moving into light. 

There is something incredibly enticing about darkness, the way that simple beauty can shine so much brighter within it. Especially in late Winter, when the blooming buds on the trees start showing color for the first time. 

I've always been inspired by the Dutch Golden Age, and the way that the subjects in each still life were painted in such a way that featured each bloom. The details in each painting still blow my mind--the way a lemon is peeled effortlessly, the way each butterfly is hidden amongst flowers. The fascination of the natural world was especially heightened in the 17th century, and it's something that I truly draw inspiration from and try to apply in my designs. 

I've kept a few projects to myself this season, to really try my best to gain inspiration and create just for me, without feeling like I need to share every ounce of it. Maybe I will one day, but I think it's important to understand what drives us to keep creating, and continue to do so. 

January Inspirations

Ah, January. The off-season, and how interesting it is to watch myself re-learn how to relax. I find that relaxing, for me, also includes gathering inspiration before I go off and make my next move. It's no lie that fashion and flowers correlate on several levels, so I find myself browsing through clothing often, and note how the textures and colors play off of each other. 

I am loving terracotta, peach, and honey tones this season. While it feels like I'm in the thick of Winter while I'm bundled at home (ex: a very old apartment building with no central heating), the flower market shows the very first emergence of spring. Flowering branches, quince especially, come in as the tiniest buds and bloom into the softest coral color after weeks and weeks of watching it slowly develop. I bought my first bunch of daffodils today and remembered how much I adore them. Lilac makes me giddy just thinking about it, and since we had such a terribly short local season last year I'm reminded that, yes, good things take time. Sometimes they take all year long.

The roses will be back before we know it, so I'm taking this time to hibernate, if only for a week or so. I'm indulging in the simple things that take time; bread baking, slow cooking, books, and of course, reflecting, and gaining inspiration to go full force very soon. 

Workaholic's Guide to 2017

I think most of us can agree that 2016 was just a face-palm on repeat. I haven't spent too much time looking back, but am eager to look forward. I've decided to go public with my personal resolutions, since there's nothing like saying it out loud (and on the internet) to give you that extra fire under your bum. Also, that I have a concrete list to come back to as the year goes on.

That said, this list is less of a guide and more of a list of resolutions I hope to achieve in 2017, but this is coming from a workaholic nonetheless.

1. Plan personal vacations, not just for work. 

2. Slow down overall. A friend of mine tells me I have two speeds only--pedal to the metal and then unabashedly lazy--so I'm looking to even that out and just run at a regular speed most of the year.

3. Define myself and style as a designer and apply it to all that I do.

4. Be a better gift giver. 

5. Cook more things that take time. Bake bread.

6. Share said slow-cooked meals with the people I love.

7. Delve deeper into color theory and apply it to my design.

8. Study the Dutch Golden Age, and apply the concepts to my work.

9. Get better about committing to finished projects, rather than starting new ones.

10. Waste less. Waste less food, less flowers, less time. I loved that when I was in Seattle, the compost and recycling bins were the only bins that were large. The actual waste bin was tiny! We can literally compost or recycle nearly all of our waste, if we put the time in. That said, eating less food with plastic packaging, more whole foods, more vegetables can drastically decrease the amount of waste we bring home.

11. Live with less, but with more meaning.

12. Become more comfortable about sharing my life.

13. Define the purpose of each design.

14. Launch a new portion of my business I've been thinking about for a while.

15. Catch at least one sunset per week.

16. Learn more about growing certain varieties of flowers.

17. Break my year-long hiatus of dance classes. It's time.

18. Incorporate dance and flowers, somehow.

19. Get weird, get funky. Take a few more design risks to better explain the innate weirdness I encompass and share pretty infrequently.

Hello, Winter

Hello, Winter. The chill is officially in the air, which makes the blooms in season all the more hearty. And so, so very lovely. Local blooms in season include amaryllis, ranunculus, anemones, tulips, and evergreens that will make any heart sing.

This year, I'm inspired by colors and textures that aren't your quintessential 'holiday' tones. Deep burgundies, burnt oranges, coppers, and mustard yellows have been catching my eye not only for this holiday season, but as I'm dreaming of next year's weddings and parties. I love this palette because it allows you to balance the warmth with cooler grays and blues. We all know I try to throw in some indigo in every design...somewhere. But this just works. 

I'm gearing up to do the annual Vidmar holiday in Southern California, which always gives me a bit of time to refresh, regroup, and remember what's important while the new year begins. I can't wait for another year of flowers with you all. 

Wishing everyone a happy Holiday, and as we wrap up what has been an intense 2016, I am wishing that 2017 may bring many beautiful moments.

Photo credit (top to bottom): Ksenia Vasilliskina, La Musa de las Flores, Pratos & Travessas, Leanne Marshall, Kelly Oshiro


Weddington Way x Amanda Vidmar Design

The fun part about editorial/styling work is that your flowers are long gone in the compost once the feature goes live, so it's all about re-living that experience and seeing it all come together online. 

Weddington Way had reached out to collaborate on a few bouquets for their new line of bridal party gowns, and I was absolutely thrilled to work with them! As you may or may not have already seen on my website, my bouquets tend to be...on the larger side. So, it was great to switch it up and come up with a few petite bouquets that were still representative of the AVD style. 

If you or your bridesmaids are looking for elegant, simple, chic gowns in the most glorious of color palettes, hop on over to their website and feast your eyes!  


Home-Grown, September Edition

This is the second installment of Home-Grown, a closer look at the blooms and edibles that are 100% community garden, and organically grown in San Francisco.

It's September, I'm not 100% sure how it's already here. But, we are in the thick of it, the weddings are aplenty, and the product is really, really pretty.  I thank my lucky stars every day that I have two hands that are able to create, to photograph, to type, to shower brides and grooms and loved ones in floral art on the regular. 

Summer this year flew by. I'm still in denial that Fall is about to happen, but when I went to the garden to find my tomato plant was on it's last leg and my sunflowers are beginning to seed, reality set in. I'm still going to cherish the rest of the peach-juice running down my arms, the Napa Valley heat, and dahlias for the next few weeks here. 

Somehow poppies have defied time and space this year, and there are still a few late bloomers in the garden. The sunflowers are called "Moulin Rouge" and I adore that they are tiny little dainty things. Persian Carpet zinnias are some of my favorites and are still going strong. Yellow Coreopsis grows like a weed in the garden, but I love how bold they are, and are almost inverse to the Persian Carpets. I started growing the red hanging Amaranth for a client in October, but pruning is good. So I took some of that! Dahlias are still hanging in there, they are getting wilty, but I'm cherishing them while they are still here. 

As for the edibles, raspberries are going to town. I assure you that after these were photographed, the ripe ones were eaten (right after I put them on the tips of my fingers and ate them one by one, Amelié style). I topped my salad with the nasturtium bloom, which are actually very, very good for you. Hot peppers are just starting to get their color in the garden, I haven't quite dived in to these yet, since you really never know how powerful those things are. I'll use them when I really need my nasal passages cleared out.

Anyway, there you have it! September's colors are certainly more autumnal, but I'm definitely learning to be inspired by oranges, browns, and reds as the sunlight gets a bit more golden, earlier each day.

The Desert is Pretty, Too

Let's rewind to the beginning of the day of this photoshoot, don't we?

I start off by chopping down some bougainvillea around 5am along the side of my apartment. Long live the bougainvillea! 

Then, the market. Armloads of flowers, yes, but still searching for something more. Ah, so I'll stop at the garden and see if anything inspires me. Sure! These thorny blackberries sound like a great idea. This one pink lupine, yes please. A few pink dahlias, totally. These tiny little zinnias that just popped up, absolutely. And of course, this oregano I've let flower, better cut that. 

I leave with bloody hands (or, was that just blackberry juice?), but inspired by the garden trip nonetheless. I come to my studio to start building these flowers. 

The centerpiece came together easily and quickly. I was inspired by lightness changing to darkness, so I started to the left with a white anemone, which blended into a peach lisianthus, which blended into the center with a coral Romantic Antique garden rose, which blended into a bright red zinnia, and finished off with vibrant blackberries, deep plum branch, and chocolate dahlias. 

Next, I start on the bridal bouquet. I take a few deep breaths, as bouquets take time. So much time. So much adjusting. So much thinking. I also know I want to make this bouquet massive, so I'm prepping to make sure my hand is ready for the pain that is about to ensue. An hour later, I'm done!

I make a couple of bridesmaids bouquets, pack up any loose ends and a giant bucket of extra flowers into my car, and I'm off! Smooth day, right?

Not yet! My car decides that the Bay Bridge onramp is an awesome place to have its transmission fail, no big deal. What a drama queen!

Thankfully, I'm able to get off on the last SF exit, ride into second gear all the way to the car rental shop that I normally go to (sorry for everyone who had the pleasure of being behind me) grab a quick rental car, transfer all of my flowers, and now, now we are off! 

Anyway, I show up at the Ruth Bancroft Garden Center in Walnut Creek, a bit frazzled, but stoked to be around all of these lovely people. I find out that Danielle Poff is taking film, I swoon, and my day is better. Big hugs to photographers who shoot film of flowers. You make my heart sing!

A crazy day in the life, but yeesh. I am blessed to be surrounded by so many people who inspire me to dream big. 



Venue: The Ruth Bancroft Garden // Photographer: Danielle Poff Photography // Wedding coordination & design: Spreading Lovely // Floral design: Amanda Vidmar Design // Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas // Hair & makeup: Melissa Hoffmann // Brides Dress: Claire Pettibone // Bridesmaid's Dresses: Show Me Your Mumu // Groom's Jacket: Zara // Headpiece: Untamed Petals by Amanda Judge // Tabletop Dècor: CB2 // Rentals: Botanica Lifestyle & Design // Dessert: Sugar & Spun // Dreamcatchers: The Gypsy Moon // Jewelry: Fiat Lux // Film Scans by Photovision //

Slow Flowers / Dahlia Garden

My #1 goal in floral design is to never, ever forget that flowers take time. There is thought in every single aspect of the process. What seeds to plant, where to plant the seed, when to cut, when (and where!) to buy, where to place it in the arrangement. The latter is what I'm most involved in these days, though my heart is forever attached to the growing process.

This is why I love visiting the Dahlia garden in Golden Gate park every year. There are so many varieties that someone has nurtured, loved, and presented for us to enjoy. With fourteen (YES, FOURTEEN!) groups of flower types, many with subgroups on subgroups on subgroups, I'm always discovering new varieties to love. 

Always, always take time to admire the things in life that take time. It is a reminder that the most beautiful things in life don't blossom overnight, and that it's the little things that make life worth living. This is why flowers are important, and why this industry continues to flourish (pun absolutely intended).

Photos by Amanda Vidmar

Home-grown, June Edition

It's the first day of summer, and I couldn't be more happy that I live in San Francisco, where it's a pleasant 70 degrees, versus Southern California, where it is absolutely melting.

Another perk of pleasant weather is that my garden is kicking off and I couldn't be more excited about it. June brings so many of my favorite things: dahlias, warm nights, dresses, and of course, weddings! When I'm able to pull from my personal garden for said weddings, it makes me so happy. Dahlias, the last of the poppies, "Red Heart" hibiscus, a few garden roses, yarrow, and potato vine make up this home-grown arrangement. 

I've got a few amazing clients in the queue for this season, and I can't wait to shower them in the best product that summer gives us. 

Portrait Party, April

On a sunny afternoon in April, photographer Anna Wu put together a beautiful event for a small group of industry folks to have some photos taken. I know I had personally needed new headshots since my last ones were taken by my roommate, in our tiny loft apartment many many years ago, so I was excited not only to have a few snaps taken, but to spend some time with small business owners and just relax for a moment! Anna explains a bit about her inspiration behind the party: 

The idea is very simple: I gather a small group of people, we throw ourselves a little party, and I take portraits of everyone. I come across so many people who say they could really use an updated headshot, but instead of just having a huge group of photographers and other people show up to get and take photos, I wanted to keep it very small. We each contribute what we can to the party and get the benefits of networking without the pressures of being in a huge group of strangers.

We all brought something to the table to make this event come alive: Anna of Anna Wu PhotographyBrianne of Brown Fox Calligraphy, Praise of ComePlum (photo & design), Rachael of Ruby and Rose (event planning & design), and Farrah of Spirit Makeup. I brought some flowers and decor, of course! 

Photos by Praise Santos of Come Plum

And of course, the final portraits below! 

From top to bottom: Anna of Anna Wu Photography, Amanda of Amanda Vidmar Design, Farrah of Spirit Makeup, Praise of Come Plum, Rachael of Ruby & Rose, and Brianne of Brown Fox Calligraphy.

Thanks to Anna Wu for dreaming up such a beautiful event and allowing us sit back, relax, and enjoy the company of so many lovely, talented people! 

On Fruits and Vegetables

About four years ago, I worked for a farm and discovered that I loved sharing fruits and veggies and feeding the body and soul with the best stuff out there. I loved it so much that I styled food for a hot minute before I became a floral designer. I love how the colors and textures relate so much to floral design, so I still make my food pretty on occasion. 

I also love how the food and flowers become such a pivotal part of people coming together, so being able to keep the whole picture in mind while I'm designing is a huge part of my vision.

My mom used to make my favorite meal every so often on Sundays: Ribs & Slaw. The slaw was a non-dairy Cole-Slaw recipe that was passed down from my Grandmother on my Father’s side, and I'd love to share it:


  • 1 Head of Cabbage, thinly sliced
  • Seeds of ½ of a Pomegranate
  • 1 Medium Red Onion, diced
  • ¼ Cup Red Wine Vinegar
  • 2 Tbs Olive Oil
  • 2 Tbs Honey
  • ¼ Tsp Salt
  • ¼ Tsp Pepper

Combine and let sit for 20 minutes before eating. 

San Francisco, Spring.

Sometimes my market days are incredibly long and drawn out, where I'm walking from vendor to vendor and can't really seem to instantly fall in love with a color or texture palette. 

...This was not one of those days. 

I think I was in and out of the market within an hour, with armloads of flowers to make two bouquets for a collaboration with a bunch of very, very talented ladies who have become dear friends. Local lilac was just budding, and fritillaria in three different varieties had arrived at the market for the first day of the season. Poppies, anemones, ranunculus. Those are a given in many of my designs, but not to be taken for granted. 

As this new year of business ownership begins, I have realized two things. The first being: Surround yourself with other business owners and you'll learn how beautiful this community is. The second is: Constantly stay inspired. For me, it's surrounding myself with flowers just for me on occasion. Or, digging my hands into the ground in my garden and seeing what kinds of amazing varieties I can cut and present to my clients. 

The beautiful film photography is by Carrie King Photographer, Hair & Makeup by Angelina Loren Beauty, the stunning model is Elise Kruse, and all of the amazing gowns, skirts and tops are by Jaclyn Jordan.

Chamomile Infused Gin Cocktail

A huge part of my love for flowers is being absolutely enthralled with growing them myself, so when these cute little happy faces popped up in my garden last week, I decided to put them to good use...

...With Gin. Infusing spirits has got to be the easiest thing, and it certainly makes me feel pretty fancy after 5pm.

All you need is: 

  • 2 Cups Gin (I use St. Georges Terrioir)
  • 8 Sprigs of Flowering Chamomile

That is IT! Mix, and infuse (at least) overnight in the refrigerator. You can infuse for up to a month, but be sure to remove the sprigs before the flowers aren't so pretty anymore and you have a mess.

Top with a bit of Ginger Beer (or Tonic) and a squeeze of lemon and you are good to go.

Happy Friday!